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Zero Cost Credit for Education

Intelligent Rate

Zero cost to your institution. Transparent & fair pricing to your students and their families.

Zero Cost Credt

Intelligent Rate™

  • 0% cost to your company for credit cards

  • Only a low 1% cost for debit cards

There’s a solution for every way you accept credit cards.

*Solutions available for both In Office w/Virtual Terminal and Online EMV Terminal (Q4 2018)

Apply a Dynamic Fee


Intelligent Rate prices different cards at their different costs.

Instead of charging a flat rate, Intelligent Rate sets the service fee to correspond to the cost of accepting the card a consumer chooses.

For example, consumers who choose rewards cards will cover the extra cost associated with those rewards.

Empower Consumers to Save


Consumers with low-cost cards pay a lower fee (as low as 0.75%).

Intelligent Rate provides real-time information about savings options. Consumers can reduce their service fee by choosing a lower-cost form of payment, such as a no-frills credit card or a debit card.

There’s a CardX solution for every way you accept credit cards.

Pricing: No upfront cost and no term contract.




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Consumers Choose the Fee They Pay

68% of consumers save with Intelligent Rate.* The service fee ranges between 0.75%–3.99%, depending on card type (with a $1.99 minimum).

* Compared to a flat rate of 2.75%. Data from a case study of 1,000 government services transactions at an Ohio municipality.


Intelligent Rate is available in the following merchant category codes:

  • MCC 8220 – College Tuition

  • MCC 8244 – Business and Secretarial Schools

  • MCC 8249 – Trade Schools

  • MCC 8211 – Elementary and Secondary Schools

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