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By passing on the credit card fee and enabling the customer to choose a lower-cost payment option, Plug'n Pay creates cost transparency and equips customers to “comparison shop” among payment types. This applies competitive pressure to the prices charged by credit card companies.

As a turnkey solution provider, we differentiate ourselves at the leading edge of technology and compliance.

Our solution is powered by our patent-pending technology that—for payments in person, in office, and online—determines card type and cost of acceptance in less than a second.

Invoice Billing Presentment™ electronic invoice payments made simple.

Simplify your payment collection.

Our Invoice Billing Presentment service works for more than just shopping online. Pay faster for things like healthcare, professional services, and more.

Pay any way you want.

Collect payments online, with a simple link, send notifications via email, and tie in your site/app remotely via our APIs for advanced usability. This allows you to handle invoice presentment across all digital channels.

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