Zero Cost Credit Processing with 100% compliance and advanced security. Receive 100% of every credit card donation. Help your supporters give more. We handle the cards. You receive more for your cause. 36% of donors prefer to use credit or debit cards for their contributions. The cost of accepting credit cards when you use Plug’n Pay is 0%.

Donor Friendly Choices

  • Contributors choose how to donate – credit card for a fee of no-fee debit option.
  • Donors enjoy the convenience and benefits of using their rewards cards.
  • Clear communication, including on our payment page, helps them understand how surcharging works and why covering the fee helps your cause.
  • Support your appeals at events, fundraisers, auctions, services, and programming.

Easy Set Up

  • Getting started is simple, and the system is easy to learn.
  • Initiate autopay to establish consistent, recurring donations that make it easier to manage your budget.

True Zero Cost 

  • Accept credit cards with no processing fee; pay a small transaction fee only on debit card purchases.
  • Eliminate the delays of donations by check, and the extra fees of others charging methods such as PayPal and Square.

Zero Cost. Fully Complainant. New state and card brand rules allow charities and religious organizations  to pass on credit card fees to the cardholder. Plug’n Pay is the expert on zero-cost, customer friendly, fully compliant credit card surcharging. Accept credit cards your way. For more information, contact