Zero Cost Credit Processing with 100% compliance and advanced security. Receive instantly validated payment for services while clients enjoy the convenience of using a credit card.

True Zero Cost 

  • Accept credit cards with no processing fee; pay a small transaction fee only on debit card purchases.
  • Instantly recognizes valid credit cards and delivers funds in 1-2 days.

Full Compliance 

  • Plug’n Pay meets the new state and card brand rules that now allow law firms to pass on the credit card fees to cardholders.
  • We contributed to the landmark U.S supreme court case that opened new states to this model.

Easy Set Up 

  • Getting started is simple, and the system is easy to learn.
  • Eliminates manual payment processing, which creates security risks and delays.
  • Stores clients cards on file in our secure systems.

Zero Cost. Fully Complainant. New state and card brand rules allow law firms to pass on credit card fees to the cardholder. Plug’n Pay is the expert on zero-cost, customer friendly, fully compliant credit card surcharging. Accept credit cards your way. For more information, contact