Source: Hauppauge, NY – August 27, 2008

Vermont Systems and Plug’n Pay Technologies partner on PCI solution

Hauppauge, NY – August 27, 2008

Vermont Systems, a leading provider of software and support services for Parks and Recreation Organizations and Plug’n Pay, a leading eCommerce gateway, have teamed up to provide a simple way for Vermont’s customers to comply with the PCI PABP requirements.

“We had initial consultations with PCI (Payment Card Industry) security auditors and determined that subjecting our customers to the PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) requirements would be difficult for them” said Giles Willey, President of Vermont Systems. “We started to look for a way to simplify the entry of sensitive cardholder data that would take the burden of PABP off of our customers and when we spoke with our long time partner Plug’n Pay they had just the solution for us. We found that a lot of gateways did not understand what we were looking for, but Plug’n Pay quickly determined that an ‘external redirect’ would satisfy our PCI needs.”

“The ‘external redirect’ allows the actual entry of the cardholder data to take place on the Plug’n Pay servers and not those where the Vermont Systems software is running,” said Randy Ridings, Vice President of Sales at Plug’n Pay. “Because the Vermont software does not handle or store the cardholder data, the PABP requirements for its customers are greatly reduced. This saves the Vermont customer time and money as they comply with PCI.”

“Plug’n Pay managed to do the coding for this solution in a manner of weeks so we were able to start presenting this simple solution to PABP for our customers as the third quarter of 2008 came to a close” said Mr. Willey. “We are strong supporters of the efforts of PCI to protect cardholder data and the solution we worked out with Plug’n Pay means that our customers will have the security of knowing they are compliant without the annual effort of going through the PABP process.”

About Vermont Systems

Since 1988, Vermont Systems Inc. has specialized in developing innovative software products for managing recreation and parks operations for municipal, county, state and federal military governmental entities. Vermont Systems markets and fully supports this software on a national basis. The software is also ideal for private businesses with similar needs, such as golf courses and fitness centers.

Vermont Systems is committed to providing high-quality application software and responsive customer support for recreation and parks departments and districts. Vermont Systems support takes a personal interest in each of its customers and questions and enhancement requests are handled in a timely and caring manner. Vermont Systems services and product listings can be located through its web site (


Giles Willey, President

About Plug’n Pay

Plug’n Pay Technologies, Inc., founded in 1996, is a leading provider of payment and digital fulfillment solutions for Internet merchants. Plug’n Pay’s advanced eCommerce product set allow merchants to accept and manage both credit card and electronic check payments in a secure environment, to offer digital goods for real-time fulfillment and to manage and maintain online membership and recurring billing services. Plug’n Pay securely provides connectivity to all of the nation’s largest credit card processors, and many international processors, offering merchants the option to work with any merchant account provider they choose. Plug’n Pay’s services can be located through its web site ( or through its reseller partners.


Randy Ridings, VP Sales
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