Source: Plug’n Pay Technologies Inc. Sept 24, 2004

Plug’n Pay Technologies announces completion of the Mastercard RAMP review.

Hauppauge, NY, – Sept 24, 2004

Plug’n Pay Technologies, Inc., one of the nation’s leading secure Internet gateways, announced today that it has completed the MasterCard RAMP review (Risk Assessment Management Program). With the completion of this mandated security audit Plug’n Pay continues to lead the industry in its involvement with association sponsored programs that work to ensure the security of eCommerce sales and cardholder information.

“This is an important new benchmark for us,” said David Price, President of Plug’n Pay. “The RAMP review has only been required for merchant acquirers in the past but MasterCard has expanded the program to apply to any secure gateway that carries MasterCard sales. MasterCard has made it clear that all eCommerce gateways will be required to complete this security review and we are very pleased to have been among the first to do so.

Plug’n Pay has always kept the security of our system and our cardholder data as a primary focus and our completion of the RAMP review is a logical next step in these ongoing efforts.” With the successful completion of the RAMP review Plug’n Pay has shown itself to be in compliance with the operating guidelines established by MasterCard for eCommerce security and is also compliant with the MasterCard standards for the Loss Control Program for merchant acquiring.

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