Source: Mercury Payment Systems February 15, 2008


Technology Partners Offer “Brick and Click” Gift Gateway

DURANGO, CO – February 15, 2008

Integrated payment processor, Mercury Payment Systems and e-commerce gateway provider, Plug’n Pay, today announced the release of an e-commerce technology solution that facilitates online gift card transactions for retailers.

The solution combines Mercury’s payment processing platform with Plug’n Pay’s e-commerce technology to deliver a complete “brick-and-click” solution. For the first time, retailers get all of Mercury’s free value-added services with their web store transactions, including free MercuryGift� card transactions.

“Extending free gift card processing functionality to the web creates a new revenue source for MercuryGift� customers,” said Matt Taylor, Mercury’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Now, they can use the enhanced gift program to attract consumers to their online store and build customer loyalty.”

A point-and-click set-up creates the secure processing gateway where all transactions are sent directly to Mercury.

“Since the e-commerce gift solution is a “plug-in” technology, there are no web server or hosting requirements,” said Randy Ridings, Plug’n Pay’s Vice e President of Sales. “And, no additional hardware or software is necessary for merchants who process payments with Mercury.”

Growing consumer demand for online gift card purchase and redemption, combined with the cost and time required for individual merchant gift integration, led to the Mercury-Plug’n Pay solution.

“The plug-in solution gives every merchant, regardless of POS system, easy access to e-commerce gift processing,” said Taylor. “It eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive merchant development, integration, and support.”

Mercury’s e-commerce solution facilitates transactions for one store or many with ACH (Automated Clearing House). Real-time 24/7 web reporting for all e-commerce transactions is also available from Mercury’s merchant portal.

About Plug’n Pay

Plug’n Pay Technologies, Inc., founded in 1996, is a leading provider of payment and digital fulfillment solutions for Internet merchants. Plug’n Pay’s payment systems allow merchants to accept and manage both credit card and electronic check payments in a secure environment. Plug’n Pay’s industry leading digital fulfillment systems allow merchants to offer digital goods for real-time fulfillment and to manage and maintain online membership and recurring billing services. Plug’n Pay securely provides connectivity to all of the nation’s largest credit card processors, offering merchants the option to work with any bank they prefer. Plug’n Pay’s services can be located through its web site ( or through its reseller partners.

About Mercury Payment Systems

Mercury Payment Systems is an integrated transaction processing company created to enhance point-of-sale systems by offering credit, debit, check, gift card and loyalty processing. Mercury’s integrated Internet protocol (IP) or dial-up processing solutions are fast, reliable and affordable. Retailers can leverage the reliability and enhanced efficiency of integrated payment processing to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Mercury Payment Systems helps resellers increase their opportunities with reseller support and superior technology. For more information call 1-800-846-4472, ext. 1820 or go to

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