Get up and selling fast with the easiest-to-integrate processing gateway

Plug’n Pay’s WebXpress™ Processing Gateway is the easiest, most reliable way to add eCommerce capability to any website.

With its seamless “plug-in” technology, there are no web server or hosting requirements. The entire transaction takes place on our servers. The WebXpress Wizard automatically generates the necessary code to add “quantity” fields and “order” buttons to the website, and upgrades are transparent to users. Selling online is as easy as “plug and pay!”

And with Plug’n Pay, easy integration doesn’t mean less functionality.

The WebXpress Gateway delivers leading-edge technology and a complete package of high-level tools and features at no additional cost, including:

  • Full-Featured Payment Processing – Accept, verify, process and manage online transactions from all major credit cards – all in real time. Sales tax calculation at the state, county and city level is also available in real time.
  • Sophisticated fraud protection comes standard –  The WebXpress Gateway provides our exclusive FraudTrak™ Chargeback Protection at no additional charge. This provides AVS, CVV2, IP address frequency and negative database checks to limit exposure to fraudulent transactions. Competitive systems require considerable additional fees to receive this level of protection! Also, more advanced levels of fraud protection are available.
  • The Most Reliable Architecture – Plug’n Pay uses the most reliable architecture available – a UNIX-based system with Sun servers and Oracle software. Our system includes three levels of redundancy and is Visa CISP certified.
  • Real-Time Transaction Reports – Knowing who’s buying what, and when, can be an invaluable sales tool. WebXpress provides 24/7 access to up-to-the-minute account activity, because our database captures transaction data in real time. Batches of offline and recurring transactions can be uploaded and processed instantly.
  • High-Level E-mail Management – When a transaction is completed, WebXpress provides the capability to send the purchaser a customized e-mail in either text or HTML format – unlike many competitors, who offer only generic confirmation messages. Use this powerful communication tool to send a message regarding customer service, shipping information or special offers.
  • ACH e-Check – Plug’n Pay allows you to accept electronic check payments online, through our gateway. Click here for more information.
  • QuickBooks™ Integration – For companies using QuickBooks™ accounting, WebXpress enables the user to download transaction details which can then be imported into the application as either invoices or cash sale receipts.

In addition, the gateway also provides the following safeguards at no extra cost:

  • Our SmartScreens™ customizable order forms use 256-bit SSL encryption, the strongest available.
  • Users can set the level of access each employee can have on the system with Security Administration tools.