POS WebXpress Point-of-Sale Solutions
Plug'n Pay | POS WebXpress Point-of-Sale Solutions

Plug’n Pay offers a number of point-of-sale devices that enable customers to bring the unique benefits of our gateway to the retail environment.

Our POS WebXpress™ enables retailers to access all of our gateway’s functionality using a store-front utilized computer and a card swipe reader or an equipped smart phone or tablet.

Among its unique benefits:

  • Card-in-hand transactions can be accepted via any card swipe (wedge) device – our gateway will work with any brand.
  • Usage is as simple as bringing up the Virtual Terminal screen on your computer and swiping the card. The cardholder information will populate the fields. The user simply enters the amount and submits the sale.
  • Alternately, you can download our ePayments LTD™ software to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and either enter transaction information manually or with a compatible card swipe reader.
  • There is no need for a telephone line; transactions are transmitted via broadband Internet connection, with authorizations in fewer than 6 seconds.
  • Most significantly, this solution is available at no additional cost beyond Plug’n Pay’s regular gateway fees.

POS Hardware Offerings

In addition, we offer support for various credit card readers and receipt printers, as well as a convenient on-screen order receipt for PC-based solutions.

POS Hardware | Credit Card Readers
POS Hardware | Receipt Printers

POS Software Offerings

We also offer support for various mobile software options, as well as convenient on-screen and email order receipts for mobile solutions.

POS Software | Mobile Software Options
POS Software | Email Order Receipts