Plug'n Pay | Multi-Currency Pricing
Plug'n Pay | Multi-Currency Pricing Service

Sell in your customers’ currencies — Get paid in your own!

You recognize the vast opportunity of targeting international markets and attracting new customers. Plug’n Pay’s Multi-Currency Pricing Service (MCP), powered by Planet Payment®, gives you an opportunity to increase global sales.  By pricing your offers in the currency your shoppers understand best – their own.

Multi-Currency Pricing

With the virtual reach of eCommerce or mail/telephone order sales, shoppers come from all over the world, not just around the corner.

Our MCP solution turns your international browsers into customers – those from Japan enjoy the clarity of shopping and paying in Yen, while those from the UK enjoy the certainty of paying in British pounds.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Maximize Your Global Potential

Supported by a network of leading acquiring banks, MCP through Plug’n Pay is easily provided through the convenience of a US merchant account and US dollar settlement and reporting. The solution does not require the setup of an international entity or overseas banking accounts, nor does it involve associated foreign account or wire transfer fees.

Multi-Currency Pricing

With MCP, you provide your customers with the certainty and convenience of knowing exactly how much their purchase will cost them in their home currency. Offering this superior pricing solution helps you attract new international customers, enhance their satisfaction, and increase your global sales!