Manage a subscriber base

Plug’n Pay offers the industry’s most dynamic and easy-to-use online tool to manage a subscriber base for membership or subscription-based eCommerce sites.

Via a simple online interface, users can manage recurring billing, installment billing and password management as needed. A true end-to-end solution, Plug’n Pay Membership Management includes username and password management, password authentication, real-time payment authorization, automated recurring billing, and all of the following features:

  • Online customer service – We provide a self-service attendant interface that provides members with real-time access to their lost passwords. In addition, members can this interface to renew expired subscriptions, cancel their membership or edit account information.
  • Event registration – The product offers organizations the ability to set up a member-based login and simple sign-up page for upcoming events.
  • High-level security – To prevent bulk theft of your property, the solution monitors IP address usage, bandwidth usage, number of images downloaded, and other login information around the clock.
  • Detailed reports – Membership Management reports deliver detailed statistical information about what your members are doing on your site. This documentation is particularly valuable when it is necessary to remove members who abuse their subscription, or in case of brute force or dictionary attacks.

Plug’n Pay also provides the capabilities of custom-built access control – including the ability to manage multiple user groupings with overlapping subscription plans – all without the need to develop custom software.