Plug'n Pay | FraudTrak2 Security Tools
Plug'n Pay | FraudTrak2 Security Tools

Plug’n Pay’s WebXpress Gateway comes with our exclusive FraudTrak™ chargeback protection at no additional charge.

In addition, we offer optional premium security tools that can identify and block most fraudulent transactions before they become a sale. These sophisticated products include:

FraudTrak2 Security Tools | Block Fraudulent Transactions


Building on the standard features of FraudTrak™, FraudTrak2™ selectively blocks certain transactions that present a higher potential risk.

For example, users can choose to block questionable IP addresses, continual repeat purchases from the same credit card number, and other common fraud “red flags.”

RiskTrak™ | Monitor Daily and Monthly Dollar Volume


Designed for portfolio managers, RiskTrak™ monitors the daily and monthly dollar volume for each merchant and credit card.

A jump in volume over a certain percentage, amount &/or other metrics automatically suspends further transactions.