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ePayments Mobile Terminal

ePayments Mobile Terminal2016-12-14T15:03:10+00:00

Expand sales opportunities to mobile

Our ePayments mobile payment terminal for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets allows you to process credit card payments using your device.

It’s a free downloadable app available on the Apple and Android websites, and it works with the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android phones and tablets.

We have designed the ePayments mobile application to comply with all PCI and data encryption requirements.

If you have a Plug’n Pay account, download the app (either through your store or using a QR below), and you can start transacting by keying in or with the addition of a MagTek Bullet swipe reader to start doing swipe transactions in minutes.

Once you’ve completed a transaction using your mobile device, its information will be included with all of the features of the Plug’n Pay gateway’s reporting and administrative tools.

For the Android Click Here
Download from Google Play

Download from Google Play

For the iPhone/iPad Click Here
Download From iTunes

Download From iTunes

We have also developed a Kiosk app for iPads – it provides an API for use with developing web applications that can integrate with the iDynamo (and in the near future, uDynamo) encrypted card readers for use with the Plug’n Pay Gateway. To download the demo, Click Here.