Helping International Customers Feel at Home

You recognize the importance of providing your customers with superior service. Now, with Plug’n Pay’s® Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service, powered by Planet Payment, your international customers can enjoy the confidence and convenience of seeing their bill in the currency they understand best – their own.

Whether a tourist seeking clarity in the cost of her purchase or a business traveler looking to simplify his expense accounting upon returning home, DCC offers a powerful incentive for international travelers to shop at your store for their next purchase. And, with DCC you earn additional profit margin on foreign-card transactions, while continuing to be paid in US dollars! With DCC, everybody wins!

How does DCC work?

Offering this personalized pricing service and experiencing the benefits is easy. Your credit card terminal automatically identifies eligible transactions once a foreign MasterCard® or Visa® card is swiped. Simply ask your valued customer – Do you want to pay in your currency? And then . . .

  • The terminal prints the customer’s receipt displaying the transaction total in US Dollars, the foreign exchange rate AND the customer’s home currency.
  • The final amount on the receipt will match the amount on the customer’s credit card billing statement.

With DCC, your customers know exactly how much their purchase will cost them in their home currency, providing certainty and convenience for your international shoppers. Offering this superior customer pricing service translates into higher service, attracts new international customers and drives repeat business!