Simplify online invoice payment options

BillPay Lite is one of the latest products from Plug’n Pay’s development team and is targeted at helping our customers simplify their payment options with their E-business.

As a merchant, simply point your customer’s browser to a special URL, and then your pre-configured order/configuration is instantly passed to our Smart Screens payment method for checkout. This remotely hosted solution uses Plug’n Pay’s payment gateway technology for a quick and easy checkout process – without the need to host an order form on your website.

How it works:

  • The merchant works with our payment gateway staff to pre-configure a template.
  • The merchant includes the pre-defined URL in whatever media the merchant gives to the customer.
  • Customers go to this URL and are immediately redirected to our Smart Screens payment method’s billing page to pay for the pre-configured transaction.
  • The rest of the checkout process follows our normal Smart Screens payment method’s transaction authorization and processing procedures.

Just like with normal Smart Screens orders, the Plug’n Pay system fully tracks each payment and knows which payment types/options each merchant accepts. The result is a comprehensive single bill payment program, that helps simplify a merchant’s payment needs.

  • Compatible With Smart Screens Features/Options – Allows merchants to utilize this in conjunction with all available Smart Screens based features/options; such as with our FraudTrak2 and Account Settings features, and optional premium services including Coupon Management, Membership Management, etc…
  • Secure Interface – Utilizes only SSL encrypted pages/scripts on our secure payment gateway servers.
  • Consolidated Interface – Allows customer to easily pay for a pre-configured order, without needing to visit the merchant’s web site.
  • Fully Integrated – No special integration with your web site is required. Merchant simply points customer to a simple/static pre-defined URL to make the payment.
  • Part Of Basic Gateway Service – Ability to use BillPay Lite is part of the core payment gateway service.  Authorization fees apply normally.
  • Totally Automated Service – The billing presentment lite service is fully automated, once configured. Simply point customer to the URL, and you’re done.