Powerful, cost-effective solutions enable you to plug into new profits, reduce risk

Plug’n Pay offers the industry’s most feature-rich, easy-to-integrate processing gateway, along with a wide array of leading-edge premium products that enable customers to maximize online and point-of-sale profits, reduce risks of fraud, and build customer loyalty. Click on the links below to learn more about our many products:

WebXpress™ Processing Gateway
The easiest gateway in the industry to integrate to any website!

ACH e-Check
A simple, reliable way to accept e-Checks through our processing gateway.

Membership Management Services
A dynamic, easy-to-use online tool that enables membership or subscription-based eCommerce sites to manage their subscriber base, and to enable members to register for events.

POS WebXpress™ Point-of-Sale Solutions
Plug’n Pay offers a number of powerful ways to bring the unique benefits of our gateway to the retail point-of-sale environment.

FraudTrak2™ Security Tools
A premium product that can block most fraudulent transactions before they become a sale.

Shopping Cart Solutions
All of the tier one and tier two shopping carts, each offering a unique blend of features/benefits to help you gain a competitive edge by plugging into new profits & sales environments.

Coupon Management Solutions
Targeted at helping create more sales with their E-business. Turning browsers into buyers.

Billing Presentment Service
Comprehensive invoice presentation & payment solution, to simplify your invoice based payment needs.

Billing Presentment Lite Service
Simplified order payment solution, to simplify your checkout needs.

Multi-Currency Pricing
With MCP, eCommerce and MOTO merchants can localize their pricing to international customers so that they can shop and pay in the currency they know best-their own.

Dynamic Currency Conversion
With DCC, card-present merchants can let their international customers pay in the currency they know best–their own.

ePayments Mobile Terminal
Easily process payments using your smartphone or other mobile device.