Plug'n Pay | Our Satisfied Clients
Plug'n Pay | Our Satisfied Clients
I don’t know how often you hear this, but I really enjoy doing business with Plug’n Pay. Your company has been a true God send for me! Thank you.
Michele Wong, WAM Essentials, Inc.
…My main concern was to use a software that makes it easy to build an ecommerce site. This one was wonderful! I was able to enter my products, the tax, the shipping, pictures, ect, create a form and Wa-La!! I have a shopping cart that works! But its not just the Plug ‘n Pay gateway, its also the Easy Cart… I was very impressed with this process in making the cart for …website – it was so easy and works wonderfully!… and I received excellent PnP customer support while I was setting up the cart. I had very few issues, but the few I did have were answered promptly and the issues were quickly resolved. This is a big plus for me!!
Kristi Richard; Owner, Studio 545
I wanted to take a minute to write you and let you know how wonderful Plug’n Pay’s folks have been. You, of course, have been quick and responsive to every question we had, and now that we’ve been getting set up with EasyCart (thank you also for that too; what a Godsend!), we’ve had to send in a couple requests to the help desk. Well, the tech support folks there are just as nice and quick and responsive as you are! What a great group of people you are. I am thanking my lucky stars that we signed up with PlugnPay as our secure gateway.
Tiffany Jonas, Aio Publishing
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how helpful (PnP employee) has been throughout this entire private label process. She has been extremely responsive and quick to act on our many requests over the past week. She is definitely an asset to your organization and we are very happy to have had her assigned to this initiative. Thanks again and we look forward to a profitable 2005.
Michael Lekse, Director of WW Sales,
Can you forward my comments to your superiors? I am so amazed and astounded at how supportive you have been with our new start up and merchant service division here at ChurchForce, Inc. I have never experienced the support assistance I have received from & thru you. I have been in merchant services several years, and PNP support is outstanding. Thank you for being a plugnpay angel!
Samuel Cotto, ChurchForce Merchant Alliance
Thanks for the follow-up call. We have everything switched over at the processor and it is all good to go. I look forward to sending Plug’n Pay many more merchants. You and your team have been great in helping us to get this merchant going so quickly. It is good to find a partner who is so willing and able to help.
Terry Weir
I’ve just received a reply from “PNP technical staff member” about some questions I’ve had, and he’s answered them perfectly. Both he and “PNP sales team member” and everyone I’ve worked with so far have been excellent. I’m impressed by your people and your products and we’ll likely be using your services shortly. Thank you for all the help.
Brian Miller, GPmicro
I just wanted to bring to your attention that one of your employees has been helping me work on an issue with 2 accounts for the past 3 days and has gone above and beyond her call of duty to work with me to get this merchant set-up. I don’t know if you have a reward program but I would like to put her in for one. I wanted you to know because she is a valuable person over there and definitely went above and beyond this time around.
Valerie Wray, Implementation Specialist, Best Payment Solutions
We at Net Generation want to thank you for attending to our project. We are very happy with your product/service. We had the launch and press conference yesterday. Great Job everyone!
Ramsey E. Sweis, Vice President Of Sales, Net Generation, Inc.

I would like to express my gratitude to your tech James, for his understanding and competent handling of a difficult call. He would be an asset to anyone’s company. I’m also grateful to Plug’n Pay for your understanding and timely fix to a potentially nasty week for us…

QuikStor Security & Software,
I am emailing you in regards to the Red River Revel Arts Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana. I would like to take a minute to say how much we appreciate the service Plug’n Pay has provided. Especially the Customer Service and Tech Support departments. Anytime I had a question, a representative contacted me within minutes, either by phone or email, to provide an answer. Not only did this help resolve issues quickly to help better serve our client but has reinforced a trusting relationship with Plug’n Pay. Thank you so much Plug’n Pay for all your support!
Janice Marie Davis, Graphic Designer, Gremillion & Pou and Associates, Inc.
I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed talking to you Friday evening. Your commitment to Plug’n Play is above and beyond the call of duty, you provided me with a great service, you seem like my kind of guy. I’ve faxed the signed form & agreement back to you and I’m looking forward to being a good long term client of yours.I don’t know how high up the hierarchy you are within Plug’n Play, but if I can write a letter of recommendation to someone within your organization, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige.Kindest personal regards and best wishes.
Lawrence Leigh, SBO Online
Amazing. Everything in your documentation worked as written (unlike most other companies). We have a test version of our software with a Plug’n Pay option out at a beta tester site right now. Thanks.
Mike Nudd, Shopkeeper Software
Thank you for your great payment gateway. It was very important for us to offer a gateway that we could stand behind, one that would enhance our reputation as a solution provider. We rigorously researched and tested over twenty different gateways for an entire business quarter. What we determined is that Plug n’ Pay has the absolute best solution on the market for payment gateways. There is no other gateway that offers your level of security and technology conveniences. We’ve had many customers using some of your competitors’ Gateways, (there were some very large name brand types) and the problems they experienced with fraudulent activity and charges threatened their very business. We now offer Plug n’ Pay as standard on all of our ecommerce hosting, and our customers thank us. For anyone shopping for a payment gateway to process payments online, I would say be very careful. We’ve uncovered an incredible amount of documentation, regarding larger, and popular brand name gateways. We’ve discovered some alarming security problems they have. Only Plug n’ Pay’s payment gateway has built in technology that makes Fraud a non- issue. Thanks again Plug n’ Pay for all of your service and product features, and all of our customers thank you as well.
Paul Culbertson, Inc
I was working with Plug’n Pay to create an Application Interface and I liked the level of professionalism at Plug’n Pay. I also liked the way the system is designed – your clear specification and the ability to process both type of transactions (Credit Cards and Electronic Checks) through a single gateway account.
Webmaster, Quikstor Corporation

As a new business woman in the U.S. (making a server switch), I can say it’s really difficult to cancel or switch services, as well as time consuming. Fortunately, I was very lucky to have an excellent contact at Plug’n Pay. She has been a GREAT help, taking the time to understand our business needs. I wish I could be dealing with Plug’n Pay on all different business levels.What made us choose Plug’n Pay? Initially, it was the simplicity of the website design. It is clear and very well explained. I have a much better idea of how our website is working now and it’s thanks to PLUG AND PAY, and your wonderful staff.I wish everything was ‘that smooth’!!

Histoires de Parfums,
…Plug’n Pay does a terrific job and has everything you need to do, anything you want.For example, I told them that I was concerned about theft of my digital content and my pdf files. After an extensive search I only found one company that had the software to encrypt my content to lock it on someone’s computer so that it could not be emailed. I contacted the president because it requires password protection, wanting to know how to use this feature. He indicated that I could use it and that it would be a good idea to get my e-commerce provider in touch with him and the two of them could work something out.PnP responded and within one week were already in contact with the company and making plans to provide this service for me and their other clients. How often do you see this type of speed? PnP is a diamond in the rough.
Greg Ellis, Ultimate Diet Secrets
Thanks for giving me room to grow. You are the best. Anytime you need praise to land a deal, have them call me. I will close any doubters!!
Joe Richey,
I have perused the API information you have pointed me to and it reminds me very much of using the Perl DBI module… looks like I will like this a lot more than (competitor’s) ADC / AIM.Looks to be nice and secure too!
Thanks for all the info. I was traveling to Chicago today and just got in. All the materials are complete with you and your partner for the Merchant Account. If you need anything else please left me know. And thanks for the help – you really made this easy and hassle free.
At this time, I would like to thank you both for all of your hard work and assistance in helping us organize and launch the Ontario Pork web site shopping cart. Your dedication and patience was incredible and we look forward to working with you in the future.Working on the frontlines with you has been a pleasure and even though at times it looked like we would not make it, you were there to assist and help us achieve our goals.You have demonstrated incredible problem solving skills and patience in overcoming the various technical hurdles.I thank you both once again for going above and beyond the call. We at LMA and Ontario Pork appreciate all you both have done.
Jerry Grymek, LMA

I feel very secure with our Payment Processing at Plug’nPay. They know what they’re doing and we’ve never had a problem. Moving anywhere else at this point is simply out of the question. Looking back, I only wish we had switched sooner…

Thanks for all your assistance over the last 2 days for a very quick set-up. I’m still learning the P-n-P interface, which is much more powerful–and complex–than Your team has really been helpful to date. My e-mails and phone calls get returned in a timely manner, and I truly feel as though you have “partnered” with us. Looking back, I only wish we had switched sooner…
Montgomery Byers, President, AmeriMed Industries LLC
First let me say that I’m impressed with your product and the level of technical support provided by Plug-N-Pay Technologies, Inc. and it appears to be an excellent service for merchants who require flexibility in implementing a real-time transaction gateway. In fact, my office is working on integrating your gateway with our business website and we are working to create a rich UI on top of your product.
Ricky Bracken, CTO, Cyberauthorize
Did I ever tell you how fabulous your system is working now? Usually I have a some kind of issue when I e-mail or call you so this time I thought I should at least let you know how well the system is working!! Nice job….
Doug Bradley, CDSTREET
I’m impressed already! You guys have responded with two emails within 30 minutes of my fax and another email. You have my vote. How refreshing after dealing with (a competitor)
I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell you that I’m impressed by your organization. Since my contacting you a week (or so) ago, we have been interacting with your staff on a particular project that involves some out-of-the-norm twists and turns. PnP was the only company we found that seemed to have the core competencies to achieve this at the quality level our projects and clientele demand. I wanted you to know that we have confirmed our interest in working with you by formalizing our enrollment as one of your partners.” “I am also instructing our developers to train on your solutions so we can migrate our e-commerce website efforts around your end-to-end service offerings. All the Best.
Robert J. Holtz, Chairman and President, Zeros & Ones
I just wanted to say that so far, I really like plug n pay. You’ve made your system very easy to integrate with our website, you send lots of info back in an easy to use format after the purchase, you have many options, and your staff is great. One gentleman in your tech support staff was really helpful. Also, most importantly, everything seems to work perfectly and quickly. I guess i’ll sum up by saying that the ease of use is what really makes me happy. Thanks
Neal Razi, Webmaster,
Just a note to say thank you very much for having great folks working with you at PNP. I had sent a request yesterday through the Help Desk about wanting to ad an Express Shipping option to my checkout page. I wasn’t even thinking that I’d get it without having to wait for quite awhile because I know how busy you all are. However, today you contacted me via e-mail and asked me various questions about exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to look. We corresponded with each other back and forth until he was sure about what I had wanted. Then in less than an hour, he had completed the Express Shipping Option exactly the way I had wanted to see it. As a fairly long time PNP customer, I have to say, this is really nice. Additionally, it reinforces my faith in you as your customer. As my network of Internet and Web Design businesses grows and becomes more extensive, I have been, and will continue to point my clients in your direction whenever the situation arises.
Don Schulze
I have been with Plugnpay for about a year now and I couldn’t be happier! Your customer service is impeccable, and your tech help is even better! Thank you for such a great product. I am very interested in your Palm software program. Let me know when it is available!
Stacey Gordon
I just wanted to say that out of all of the systems out there and I have seen many and being as I was one of the first to work with online processing via internet I feel I can say this fairly.. your stuff is pretty darn nice.
Sean Matthews
Congratulations are in order I think. I saved at least a 1/2 hour tonight using the import to bring in 11 orders on 3/14/15. Thanks.
A happy customer 🙂 Karl